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What to expect

When you arrive for your appointment at Adore Bridal Alterations you will be shown into one of our large, full length mirrored fitting rooms where we will discuss your alteration requirements/needs with you and fit your gown to your satisfaction. 

Communication is essential at this point as we alter your gown according to this fitting and your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will give advice where necessary and listen closely to what you want.

Alterations are quoted at an hourly rate and our hourly rate and average costings can be discussed with you prior to your first appointment.

We advise you to contact us around 6 months prior to your wedding in order to secure your first appointment, which we recommend to be two months before your wedding.  Please feel free to discuss any special needs you have with us as we understand that everyone's circumstances are different.

Upon the completion of your first fitting appointment (allow approximately 30 minutes) you will be quoted precisely the cost of your alterations. If you then wish to proceed we will book your next appointment (approximately four weeks later).


At this second fitting appointment, you will then be able to re-try your gown to ensure your satisfaction. After which your balance can be paid and your gown taken home.

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